Next Steps

Establish Needs and Options Early

After making the decision to move ahead with your building project, there can still be some confusion about the best route to take to make it a reality. For this reason, we offer a low-commitment consultation called a Needs and Options Review. Think of it as a road map.

We will discuss your objectives and visit the site. We will define your project’s parameters, assess the options, and outline potential solutions. We will incorporate this information into a document that can be used by our firm or any other architect to move forward with your project.

Much as a doctor conducts a thorough exam in order to properly diagnose the patient and prescribe the right medication, we believe that properly reviewing the Needs and Options of your project will ultimately produce a better result for you, creating the proper foundation for your project and saving you money in the long run.

Featured Report:

“Should I Buy This Site?”

THE PROBLEM is that when you look at a site you are thinking of purchasing, you may not be 100% certain you have all the facts about it.

For example, are you aware of all the challenges that the site may pose - the zoning and other regulations (such as setbacks, maximum square footage), utilities, or even whether it’s a good fit for its intended use?

And do you know who to talk with about these issues or how much these extra challenges are going to cost?

Just as you would not expect your doctor to prescribe medication for you without first diagnosing your illness, likewise it is very risky to begin a design project without first establishing your project’s unique objectives and parameters. It is for this reason that we have developed the “Should I Buy This Site?” Analysis, a necessary first step to establishing the basis of your project.

“Should I Buy This Site?” Analysis will lead to:

  • ● Lower stress and anxiety
    ● More convincing development presentation to potential buyers or investors
    ● Greater certainty
    ● Increased confidence because of better decisions, reduced risk of losing money or other resources, and lower overall costs as a result of knowing the whole scenario up front and, MOST IMPORTANTLY
    ● Greater peace of mind

​Neglecting this step can lead to you making less informed decisions, which in turn can put you at risk of the following:

  • ● Failing to be aware upfront of significant issues that will affect the suitability of the site or the cost of your project
    ● Failing to make optimal use of the site
    ● Failing to get the right consultants involved from the beginning, which could significantly add to the cost when you bring them in later and certain aspects of the project may be required to be redone
    ● The project being over time when construction is stopped to address these issues
    ● The project being over budget

Our Promise

Should I Buy This Site?” Analysis is a solution to address these factors and others that most people never think of until it’s too late. Even if you have already purchased your site, the report can still help you maximize its best use prior to starting design.

“Should I Buy This Site?” Analysis provides valuable insights that you can use to make the best decisions for your project. You can then take the report to any architect to pursue your next steps.

“Should I Buy This Site?” Analysis is a structured process:

  • ● You will be able to visit the site together with us, considering its features, identifying any pitfalls, and discussing your priorities.
    ● We will provide expertise on the best locations and on cost drivers and cost savers.
    ● We will consider zoning, applicable regulations (such as adjacencies to egress), utility, water and sewer service requirements and any associated unusual costs as well.
    ● We will go beyond the functional requirements to determine how this site can provide the greatest possibilities for your project
    ● You will receive a diagram of the site with significant issues noted.
    ● You will receive a written brief that includes any findings and considerations.
    ● We will make recommendations based on your intended use and on the site itself.

The Outcome

You will receive a written analysis and a schematic diagram of the site that you can use to get more accurate pricing from us or from any other architect. Throughout this process, our goal is to help you avoid costly mistakes.

No surgical operation should ever start without a doctor’s thorough diagnosis, and we believe your project should never start without taking this first step. By getting an upfront ‘diagnosis’, you reduce your project risk and receive a superior design outcome.

Click here to register your interest in a “Should I Buy This Site?” Analysis for your project.

If this report isn’t the right fit for your situation and another type of analysis would be more helpful, click here and tell us more about it. Our Needs and Options Reviews cover a variety of issues and we would be glad to tailor one for your project.