LKB Architecture


We are the architect for the independent commercial or institutional project.

We are the right architect for you if:    
1. You have a team that has never worked together before​
2.  You are doing extensive renovation or have not yet purchased your site, or
3.  There are complex jurisdictional or other special requirements
​We will design you a great building and maximize the returns on your project, finding unseen profit opportunities and reducing costly risk.

As part of our process, we set your project in motion, centralize communications with all team members, identify priorities, and make the project flow smoothly from start to finish.



A note from Lisa...

One day, while talking to one too many people who’d seen a “makeover” show that glamorized the design and construction process, I decided to finally speak up and shatter the myth.

“A real-life construction project is actually more like running a relay race through an obstacle course,” I said.

Design and construction take a variety of hard-earned skill sets plus the discipline to see a project through, not one hour, not one week, but months and sometimes years.

Like in a relay race, each part of the team runs a certain section of the course and then relies on the skills of another discipline to carry the project further.

Photo of business people hands passing baton during marathon

The “course” is defined by the client’s requirements for the project and by the site itself.

The “obstacles” are those unforeseen conditions or difficult situations that always come up during the process and require quick thinking and creative solutions to navigate, often with collaboration.

Different courses require different strategies. All require strong teams.

“Winning the race” means getting the project completed on time and on budget. As with any successful team, this rarely happens without mutual respect and harmony within the team.

One of the things I like most about being an architect is that even after years of working in this field, every project presents the opportunity to learn something new, usually resulting from an obstacle found along that course.

Creating solutions and moving toward the finish line by combining my skills with those of the various other disciplines continues to inspire and energize me.




- Aristotle


Our skills include building design and remodels, interior architecture, site development and sustainable design.


Our experience includes master planning, facility planning, LEED consulting, ADA/accessibility review, feasibility studies, code and zoning review.


Our services include drafting and production drawings, project management, permitting issues, and sustainability consulting.

We also offer subcontracting and support services to prime contractors on commercial and public sector projects. Our firm is certified WBE, WOSB, State of Texas HUB, and City of Houston.


After making the decision to move ahead with your building project, there can still be some confusion about the best route to take to make it a reality. For this reason, we offer a low-commitment consultation called a Needs and Options Review. Think of it as a road map.

We will discuss your objectives and visit the site. We will define your project’s parameters, assess the options, and outline potential solutions. We will incorporate this information into a document that can be used by our firm or any other architect to move forward with your project. Much as a doctor conducts a thorough exam in order to properly diagnose the patient and prescribe the right medication, we believe that properly reviewing the Needs and Options of your project will ultimately produce a better result for you, creating the proper foundation for your project and saving you money in the long run.